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Welcome to the website of Alais Winton, Tutor for dyslexics.

As a dyslexic teacher and learner I have spent the last twenty years researching and collating techniques which can assist dyslexic learners in education.

Tuition sessions are available upon request, you can contact me anytime on 07749 449 984. Alternatively you're welcome to enquire via email on


"Really pleased my son was delighted to have had seventeen out of twenty in his spelling test. A great confidence boost." - Parent of Client, December 2019

"This is awesomeness and Yoda!" - Cameron (dyslexic client)

"Since meeting Alais my son has gained confidence in his abilities. He now believes in himself, which is showing in his work. Alais is a true inspiration to us. An individual who proves that with hard work and a will to learn dreams are achievable." - Parent of client

"The service that you provide really engages the young person and keeps them engaged because it is made fun and interesting. As a result of the 8 or 9 weeks that we used the service for, my daughter’s teacher reported that she could see an improvement in her reading in school." - Parent of client

"Before I met Alais I struggled with my spellings and my reading and did not have much confidence in class. I am now more confident, which has helped me speak more in class, and I now have more friends. I read and spell much better too. Alais is amazing I enjoy her being my tutor." - Client, aged 11 years

"Alais connected with my daughter instantly, from one dyslexic to another, they really 'got' each other. Her creative teaching methods have been inspiring to watch and especially the way my daughter reacts, she really comes alive and enjoys her lessons immensely. I have witnessed her confidence grow and grow as well as her basic skills. I feel truly blessed to have found Alais, she is a precious gem to the teaching profession and to any dyslexic child." - Parent of client


I am the author of, The self-help guide for teens with dyslexia. A book for young people to help them manage their skills in a way which best suits them to get the most out of learning. This is a must-read pocket guide for students with dyslexia aged 11 to 18, and will also be a helpful source of ideas for teachers, SENCOs and parents of teens with dyslexia.

"This book made me feel good about being dyslexic and it's going to help other dyslexic people. I almost burst into tears because it reminded me of me." - Zac, aged 11 years

Fun Games and Activities for Children with Dyslexia

My book Fun Games and Activities for Children with Dyslexia was published in March 2018. An inventive and practical book for children aged 7 to 13 who have been identified as having dyslexic tendencies, this book contains practical and creative activities for kids and teens to use, such as Spelling Sculptures and Hear it, Sing it, Beat it! The games and activities use the four different learning styles that work best with dyslexics - thinking in pictures, in movement, in music or socially.

Diary of a Dyslexic School Kid

My latest book is Diary of a Dyslexic School Kid. This positive and relatable diary of a dyslexic teen covers school life, bullying, tests and homework, with warmth, humour and insight. Based on the authors' real-life experiences, it shows kids and young teens with dyslexia that they are far from alone in their experiences.

The self-help guide for teens with dyslexia.

The self-help guide for teens with dyslexia.

Diary of a Dyslexic School Kid